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Barramundi Blue Aquaculture, (Barrablue) Recirculative Aquaculture (RAS) facility is set on 4.03 Hectares Barramundi Blue’s aquaculture nursery, fingerling and fish grow-out husbandry operations are owned and managed by Cynthia Taylor and Geoff Orpin. Barramundi Blue currently produces 60+ton of plate sized whole barramundi (450-5 00grm) annually with approved expansion to 120 ton plus additional tonnage in supplementary pond cages
Barramundi Blue’s approvals includes an on site hatchery operations and hydroponics
Barramundi Blue’s systems comprises 5 individual/ systems, quarantine, nursery, and grow-out tanks, plus Broodstock holding, supported by environmentally friendly biological chemical free filtration.
Barramundi Blue’s operation is Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) compliant.
Barramundi Blue Aquaculture operation is capable of holding 130,000 –250,000 fish, ranging in size from fingerlings to 2kg product.
Barramundi Blue’s excellent fish growth rates (in excess of industry standards) combined with improve operational costs and better feed ratios provides the ability to guarantee continuity of supply at fixed market prices all year.
Barramundi Blue has a close relationship with the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries. Barrablue Barramundi is ‘Clean, Green’ safe and most importantly truly an Australian product.
Barramundi Blue currently supplies premium Australian barramundi grown within the Organic Guidelines to the South East Asia, chilled within a 18hour ’window from Australia.
BBA supplies, both Sydney and Brisbane markets and wholesale clients as well as restaurants. Hotels and clubs.
BBA currently supplies advanced fingerlings to local fish restocking programs.
BBA through the use of Fish waste produces hydroponic salad vegetable, Herbs and flowers.
BBA’s Australian farm has led to the development of International Operations in South Korea, China and Vietnam