Privacy Notice





The agent uses personal information collected from the principal to act as the principal’s Agent and to perform their obligations under this agreement.  The agent may also use such information collected to promote the services of the Agent and / or seek potential clients.

The Agent may disclose information to other parties including media organizations, on the internet, to potential buyers, or to clients of the Agent, both existing and potential, as well as to parties engaged to evaluate the property, owners’ corporations, government and statutory bodies and financial institutions.

The agent will only disclose information in this way to other parties as required to perform their duties under this agreement, to achieve the purpose specified above or as otherwise allowed under the Privacy Act 1988.

If the Principal would like to access this information, they can do so by contacting the Agent at the address and contact numbers contained in this agreement.  The Principal can also correct this information if it is inaccurate, incomplete, or out of date.

Real Estate and tax law requires some of this information to be collected.  If the information is not provided, the Agent may not be able to act on the Principal’s behalf effectively or at all.